Middle School Program

For middle schools, James offers a separate program about Internet Safety called CyberSense: Think Before You Click!

James Munton’s acclaimed CyberSense school show covers the following important topics in an age-appropriate way:

    Identity theft
    Sharing inappropriate photos and messages
    Online predators

In the Cybersense assembly program, students will:

    Learn how important it is to control their online presence.
    Learn how difficult it is to take back photos and messages posted online.
    Discover how identity thieves and predators read their information and what they do with it.
    Learn why identity theft can be devastating to young people.
    See how a careless comment or photo can affect college admission, job opportunities, and social relationships.
    Understand that each one of them has a role to play in eradicating cyberbullying.
    Discover how to create the perfect password!
    Discover how a single email message took down a nuclear lab.
    Take the 30-second scam test – which they all fail!
    Learn about the largest data breach in U.S. military history and why this may have already happened to them.
    Adopt the CyberSense mindset and think before they click!

Our children are plugged into the Internet via laptops, phones, and online gaming. Parents cannot be expected to monitor their children’s online activity at all times. It is essential that kids are made aware of the risks of sharing too much information online.

Please visit the CyberSense-program.com web site for more information or call 1-888-773-2155.