Magic Class

Looking for some hilarious entertainment for the older kids (10-15 year-olds)?

The Absolutely Fabulous Magic Class is perfect for your teens and tweens…

You’ll Be Amazed What They’ll Learn How To Do!
The Absolutely Fabulous Magic Class is a wonderful alternative to a magic show, especially for older children who may feel they are “too old” for a kids magic show.

Professional Magic Tricks
The children will have enormous fun watching James perform some of the amazing magic tricks that he has used to entertain and baffle audiences around the world! After performing each trick, James teaches how it’s done!

Professional Teaching
This isn’t just a show and tell, however. James is an excellent teacher and makes sure each and every child practices and learns the tricks, giving personal attention to each child.

In addition to showing how the trick is done, James also teaches the children important performing information, such as incorporating stories and humor into the routines.

From the super-confident, hyper kids to the very quiet shy ones, a guaranteed absolutely fabulous time will be had by all!

All This in One Hour!
By the end of the class, the children will have had a fantastic time AND learned amazing new skills.

There is no better confidence booster!
The Absolutely Fabulous Magic Class has been specially designed to rapidly teach the children a ton of information in a way that helps them retain it long after James has gone. Each trick has been carefully chosen to teach several new skills.

Here is just some of what they will learn…

  • An ingenious puzzle that drives kids and adults crazy!

  • How to Lead an Audience “Down the Garden Path”!

  • The Hindu Shuffle, Forcing a Card, the Key Card principle!

  • How Romeo and Juliet overcame the odds to be together!

  • The story of the Sailor vs. the Magician!

  • Weave an interesting story to turn a simple trick into a tale of wonder!

  • Using Misdirection and Getting One Step Ahead!

  • Seeing into the Future and Reading Minds!

  • The Three Golden Magician Rules!

The Absolutely Fabulous Magic Class is the perfect program for your teen summer reading program.
Special discounts are available when you book the teen magic class AND the James Wand magic show.

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