Live Video Chat Magic Lessons for Kids

It's easy, it's super fun!

"My kids really enjoyed their magic lesson and can't wait for the next one, Thank you!​"
C. Johnson
"This was awesome! He really enjoyed his lesson and is already asking when the next class is."
L. Conn

Amazing Magic Lessons for Any Age

How it works
Each lesson is 30 minutes. Your child joins a video chat and receives a fun magic lesson taught by a professional magician.

What will they learn?
The children learn amazing magic tricks, cool stunts, clever puzzles and fun illusions. They will also learn about famous magicians of the past!

There will be lots to do between lessons, too! 
Fun crafts and challenges will keep the kids busy between lessons in addition to practicing the tricks they have learned.

The lessons are interactive. Students can ask questions and each lesson is customized depending on the age and ability of the participants.

What Do I Need?
Almost any device with a camera and microphone will work – laptop, Chromebook, iPad, tablet, phone. You join the video chat using a regular browser (Chrome works best). 

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