Operation CyberSense - Virtual School Show about Online Safety and Digital Responsibility

Operation CyberSense teaches children about digital citizenship and how to be safe and responsible online.

In this fast-paced virtual show, James Wand, the Secret Agent Magician, takes kids on a top secret mission and in the process teaches the essential message to “Think Before You Click!”

While kids are having fun helping with his amazing magic tricks, James covers the following important topics:

  • What is the Internet?
  • Cyberbullying and using appropriate language
  • Stranger danger
  • Don’t share personal information
  • Downloads can damage your computer
  • Tell a trusted adult if something makes you sad, scared or confused

“James Wand was AMAZING! My ears are still ringing from all the laughter of our Johnson Jaguars! He smoothly got the point of cyber safety across with the use of his talent for humor. I totally recommend him for your next assembly!”
A. Taylor, Reuben Johnson Elementary [read more reviews]

Our children are online from the moment they can hold a device and it is essential that schools teach them good digital citizenship.

“What a fabulous time our students had with James Wand! He was engaging, funny and impressed everyone with his magic! He related all of the fun and adventure back to the topic and our students left with relevant tools for online safety.”
K. Little, Castle Hills Elementary [read more reviews]

How To Book

It’s easy!  Call our office today at 214-546-5769 or send a message!

“Exciting, Spellbinding, Motivational and Educational are adjectives that describe James Wand. The injection of Magic captured the students’ attention and made them wonder what James was going to do next!! Engaging the students in the performance was a way to keep students interested and capture their attention. The teachers’ feedback was very positive. I highly recommend schools to book the James Wand Show.”
B. Bastian-Jones, Fitzgerald Elementary [read more reviews]

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