Operation Bully Free

Turn your school into a Bully-Free Zone!

Operation Bully Free deals with an important topic that directly affects 1 in 5 kids and indirectly affects everyone. This is the perfect program to help promote a safe school environment and provides character education.

James Wand, the Secret Agent Magician, takes kids on a top secret mission and in the process enlists their help in making their school a Bully-Free Zone!

“We were very impressed with your show, your presentation had every age engaged and laughing. Your message was easy to understand and remember. We couldnt have started our kindness matters/anti bullying week any better! Thank you!!! We definitely will be calling you again!”
J. Van Luvan, Richard J. Lee Elementary [read more reviews]

While kids are having fun helping with his amazing magic tricks, James explains the three types of bullying: teasing, exclusion and physical. Students learn that their actions have a profound influence on others and James explains the power of positive peer pressure!

“James brought his magic show to Lakeside Elementary this week. The kids were totally engaged the entire time and loved it! I have had so much feedback from the students. I especially appreciated the content of the show. Besides being entertaining, the show taught the children the types of bullying and strategies to use if bullying occurs. The show also emphasized friendships and how to help a friend being bullied. The kids learned so much without even being aware of it because they were having such a good time!”
M. Grafa, Lakeside Elementary School [read more reviews]

Teachers are often amazed at the amount of educational content James packs into the show. If you haven’t yet seen the program, this is the school magic show that has received rave reviews from educators, parents and students.

James Wand’s easy-to-arrange program is designed for elementary school-aged children. The show is fantastic educational entertainment for grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

“I heard nothing but great things about your performance from students, parents and teachers. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job!”
L. Enceneat, S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary [read more reviews]

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