Here are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful emails and letters from people who have seen the show. Please keep the kind words coming!


“Thank you for coming to the White House and especially for entertaining the children and their adult guests. Your engaging performance delighted everyone and helped create happy memories. We appreciate your participation in a unique and longtime White House tradition.”
President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush

“I wish all educational entertainment was THIS entertaining…”
A. Taylor
The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts

“James Wand came to do two Bully Free assemblies for our kids and he was fantastic! His program is funny and engaging and kids from Kinder to 5th grade enjoyed every moment. James does a great job of reinforcing his message throughout the program, ensuring kids leave with a good message even if they only think they were having fun. He was able to get the crowd in stitches and just as easily settle them down to see the next magic feat. I can’t say enough wonderful things about his program. Truly an excellent experience for the whole school.”
L. Edelbrock
Vaughn Elementary

“James was so funny and had the kids (and teachers!) cracking up the whole time. If I could give more than 5 stars for audience control, I would. He had 500+ students leaving our gym in SILENCE because they were “secret agents.” Amazing! This was the second time he has performed at Olson and will definitely not be the last. We’ve enjoyed both the anti-bullying and reading shows.‚ÄĚ
J. Coppinger, Olson Elementary

“I just wanted to give you some feedback about your performance that I have gotten over the past few weeks. It was a huge hit and everyone loved it!

The kindergarten teachers kept up that the kids were “spies” all day long. Our principal said that it was the quietest the kinder pod has ever been. So the teachers definitely loved it.

Also, I heard from a 5th grade teacher, that she followed up with her students about what they learned and if it stuck with them. And it did, she said it was amazing how well the info was embedded in them and you have a truly “magical” way to impart information.

So, I wanted to say thank you again, everyone loved it”
J. Coffman
McSpedden Elementary

“James did a great job keeping all the kids K-5 engaged. He was awesome. It wasa good reminder of how to prepare for taking a test.”
P. Wilson
Dooley Elementary

“James was high energy and had the kids on the edge of their seat the entire time. He was funny, engaging, smart, and most of all encouraged them to LOVE BOOKS!, My kids of course came into the Library and checked out ALL my magic trick and optical illusion books, then asked if they could go into the “secret room.” I told them that unfortunately that room was reserved for teachers only, that they would have to go to college, get their degree, then come back and see me – thanks James! ūüôā
The teachers loved the performance and are still talking about it. The kids are still yelling I LOVE BOOKS! and my principal wants to know when James can come back and do another program. SUCCESS!”
C. Hancock
Speegleville Elementary

“On behalf of our entire PTA, thank you so much for visiting our school this morning! Justin Elementary was buzzing with excitement about your program all day long! One little girl told me she laughed so hard that she cried! Parents and teachers were impressed with your message, one told me “its the best anti-bullying program I’ve seen”. Thank you for sharing your wonderful show with our students! Its been so great working with you over the past several months as we planned this. You were always so easy to communicate with and responded so quickly to my emails. “
J. Washam
Justin Elementary

“Everyone loved James Wand! From our youngest starry eyed kindergarten to our oldest 5th grader. Mr. Munton’s performance wrapped a very important message in a very entertaining package. We will certainly invite him again. He was punctual, professional and brought everything he needed with him. The perfect program for red ribbon week! “
G. McWaters
Elliott Elementary

“I had never seen James Wand perform until I scheduled our program. He was so amazing! He did a Kindergarten thru second grade performance and another third through fifth grade performance on bullying. It was the first time I had ever seen 250 children keep their eyes glued on a performer and stay engaged for fifty minutes straight. Every child and teacher were all enthralled by his performances. Our school will absolutely have him back next year!Thank you James for making bullying and cyberbullying lessons so educational and so very much fun!”
J. Stoffle
Remington Point Elementary

“James Wand was AMAZING! Our school, RJE, had him visit us today and my ears are still ringing from all the laughter of our Johnson Jaguars! My daughter said her her favorite part was when he stuffed a whole deck of cards in his mouth. Lol. He smoothly got the point of cyber safety across with the use of his talent for humor. I also love how he was able to dismiss the kids from the assembly all by himself in a quiet and respectful manner and he even put a plug in there for our PTA without us even asking him to do so. Hah! I totally recommend him for your next assembly !”
A. Taylor
Reuben Johnson Elementary

“Continuously engaging the students in your presentation made a memorable impact and cemented forever memories of your focused topic, your person and your hilarious presentation which were all excellent … I spoke with each grade level and they didn’t hesitate to ask me to have you return…asap. Mr. Munton…I believe my students think that you rock… By the way, our Principal Mr. Wadley tweeted some of the pictures to our district website..check it out because those pics are surely awesome. Again, thank you so much for everything particularly your engagement for the love of reading and books…In closing sir so many of our students asked me to open my secret compartment and give them some of those mystery / detective books… I laughed a minute about that one….Until next time… Mr. Wand… to my secret library safe.”
S. Nagesh
Hunters Glenn Elementary

“Teachers and students were amazed and enthralled with the presentation! The presentation was filled with laughter, fast-paced, and educational…and thank you for your accent! ¬†Fantastic!”
N. Reedy
Canyon Creek Christian Academy

“Time sped by like a silver bullet this year, but your performance lives on. Your performances on November 5 made an incredible difference for us. It was the first Family Fun Night to realize a significant profit for our PTA budget.

More importantly your show received rave reviews from our students, parents and staff. You made our Spy Magic themed evening come to life. The students were captivated. Parents had a chance to sit back and enjoy the show and the evening. There was no secret to how you made our evening a success – it was your engaging personality and performance.

Thank you for all your sound advice on set up for the performances and the professional way you handled the arrangements from day one. I have never hesitated to recommend you to any organization looking for a wise way to entertain their school community.”

E. Forrester
Oak Hill Elementary

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from teachers and students since seeing the program this morning. We appreciated how engaging the program was and what a wonderful job you did at keeping the students attention, all while delivering a very important message. Thank you for visiting our school and we’re already planning a time to have you come back for one of your other programs!¬†“

J. Parker
Austin Elementary

“We loved the high energy of James Wand and the high level of engagement he initiated in our students.”

J. Franks
Wood Elementary

“WONDERFUL!! The students K-5 were all engaged and entertained through the entire program! The program is fun, entertaining and educational. The teachers liked it as much as the students! James is very easy to work with and provides a great message that adults and children can identify with. Would definitely recommend! Worth every penny!”

T. Eckart
Colleyville Elementary

“We were very impressed with your show, your presentation had every age engaged and laughing. Your message was easy to understand and remember. We couldnt have started our kindness matters/anti bullying week any better! Thank you!!! We definitely will be calling you again!”

J. Van Luvan
Richard J. Lee Elementary

“Exciting, Spellbinding, Motivational and Educational are adjectives that describe James Wand. The injection of Magic captured the students’ attention and made them wonder what James was going to do next!!¬†Engaging the students in the performance was a way to keep students interested and capture their attention.¬†The teachers’ feedback was very positive. I highly recommend schools to book the James Wand Show.”

B. Bastian-Jones
Fitzgerald Elementary

“You were very engaging and even engaged our autistic students. Everyone enjoyed the program.”
L. Kostel
Anna May Daulton Elementary

“Great, great show! Entertaining for the kids AND adults. Our teachers really appreciated that Mr. Munton reinforced the strategies they have taught their students. Highly recommend and look forward to having him back to our campus!”
M. Loudermilk
Blue Haze Elementary


“Teachers and students told me this was the best assembly program they had ever seen. The principal was amazed. When they weren’t clutching their sides with laughter, the kids were hanging on your every word…very, very impressive.”

A. Solomon
The Foote School

“I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Not only was James professional & prompt in getting our event booked, I was more than pleased with his performance. Our kiddos LOVED him & so did the staff! The Operation Bully-Free presentation was fun, interactive, & informative. Thanks, James Wand!!!”
B. Braden
John C. French Elementary


“James Wand performed for us during the last weeks of school, when students are more likely to be inattentive and distracted by thoughts of summer vacation. James had the entire group mesmerized! He had the perfect balance of activities that kept the attention of this very diverse age group. The show was educational, exciting and interactive for the students. James was very clear with his expectations for student behavior. They loved him!”

C. Yardley
Greenbriar West Elementary School

“James Wand is absolutely amazing! ¬†His Operation Be Smart program provided a great message about the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as a powerful message about how to say no. ¬†His humor and magic kept the students laughing and engaged. ¬†James was very polite and easy to work with. ¬†I would definitely invite James back to my building any time. ¬†Thank you James Wand!”

J. Henson
Wayland Bonds Elementary

“Thank you for a wonderful evening’s entertainment. The entire school was talking about it the next day. The kids loved it and the parents loved the way you structured the entire show around reading and books. As our principal said, ‘I loved that he got the message out that reading is cool, that reading makes you smart.’ We had the best turnout ever in our Book Fair history and look forward to seeing you again at McKinley in the future.”

L. Bauman
McKinley Elementary School

“Thank you for presenting such an entertaining program with a great message for our Red Ribbon Week. The students were engaged and really enjoyed themselves. I received several comments from staff members on how much they liked your show.”

S. Shaw
Weatherford Elementary School

“James brought his magic show to Lakeside Elementary this week. The kids were totally engaged the entire time and loved it! I have had so much feedback from the students. I especially appreciated the content of the show. Besides being entertaining, the show taught the children the types of bullying and strategies to use if bullying occurs. The show also emphasized friendships and how to help a friend being bullied. The kids learned so much without even being aware of it because they were having such a good time!”

M. Grafa
Lakeside Elementary School

“Our students learned valuable lessons on making good choices during this presentation. All the students were entertained and enjoyed the performance. It was wonderful to look up in the bleachers and see all of our kids paying attention.”

S. DeMoss
Garriga Elementary School

“James Wand was truly magical and inspiring! Our students were so entertained by this exciting and informative presentation.”
S. Gonzalez
Counselor at Cavazos Elementary

“Everyone loved your magic so much last year we’d like to invite you back again this year!”

C. Todd
Langley Park McCormick Elementary School

“I want to thank you for your wonderful and entertaining performance. The children and their parents in the audience loved your interactive and inventive show and cheered for more.
We were lucky to have you on stage and look forward to your return to the Publick Playhouse.”

C. Lee
Publick Playhouse for the Performing Arts

“We enjoyed your show very much. The secret agent theme kept the children’s attention and the magic tricks were funny and entertaining. The show is a great way to supplement our reading/library program.”

M. Lida
The Jefferson School

“Very entertaining…the students were receptive to the pro-reading theme because they were enjoying themselves so much. I would recommend this show to others.”

C. Crawford
Clemens Crossing Elementary

“My students were thrilled with the assembly. It is often difficult to entertain fifth graders in the same environment as the primary students. Your presentation was a great success for all grades. You had my students laughing and enjoying learning! Thank you for coming to our school. It was a real treat! “

J. Luerssen
Bren Mar Park Elementary

“…thank you for developing a high quality, creative and engaging Spy Magic Performance for the International Spy Museum. The sold-out performances as well as the glowing audience evaluations prove that Spy Magic was a hit! I appreciate your dedication and professionalism.”

J. Eyl
International Spy Museum

“Thank you so much for your performance at this year’s Kid’s Adoption Network Conference! Your enthusiasm and expertise ensured that the entire event was successful. Both the adults and children raved about your magic show and your ability to connect with the audience! We are so glad that you were part of this magical event.”

V. Kunsman
Center for Adoption Support & Education

“Great presentation…James demonstrated good audience management. I would recommend the show to others.”

P. Faikas
St. Elizabeth School

“I heard nothing but great things about your performance from students, parents and teachers. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job!”

L. Enceneat
S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary

“Our children as well as our staff really enjoyed your performance. The show was hysterically funny and absolutely captivated the children. Effective audience participation kept the children actively involved throughout the performance. James Wand is indeed a super agent and a super magician!”

K. Duffy
Kiddie Country

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