The STAAR Test Assembly show your students will love!

Prepare your students for STAAR test success with this fantastic school assembly show.

Operation Ready, Test, Go! is a great way to prepare your students for taking tests. James explains to the kids that successful test-takers are like secret agents – they have a plan, prepare for the mission and handle surprises in a calm way!

Much More than Motivation…
Students will learn the 3 things they must do before taking any test, and the 3 things they must do during the test. By following these simple steps, they will be able to celebrate after taking the test – mission accomplished!

“I so enjoyed the show as much if not more than our students did! We have a challenging group of students, and James was able to keep them all engrossed in what he was doing and saying. He did not talk down to the older kids. He was on their level. I have had parents tell me that their child is still talking about the show and it was weeks ago. I appreciate how James had a very positive attitude and demeanor. He was prepared, energetic and raring to go! I will and have been recommending him to everyone I know. Thank you James for making the experience perfect!”
J. Bridges-Sheppherd, Adams Elementary School [read more reviews]

James Wand believes that unless the children are engaged and entertained they will not pay attention to the important message. The audience is spellbound by his amazing tricks and captivated by an exciting story of secret agents and evil enemies!

“Great, great show! Entertaining for the kids AND adults. Our teachers really appreciated that Mr. Munton reinforced the strategies they have taught their students. Highly recommend and look forward to having him back to our campus!”
M. Loudermilk, Blue Haze Elementary [read more reviews]

James Wand’s easy-to-arrange program is designed for elementary school-aged children. The show is fantastic educational entertainment for grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

James Wand has appeared at the International Spy Museum, the White House, the Vice-President’s residence and on Fox News. Now, you can bring his exciting magic show to YOUR school!

“James did a great job keeping all the kids K-5 engaged. He was awesome. It was a good reminder of how to prepare for taking a test.”
P. Wilson, Dooley Elementary [read more reviews]

How To Book

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Call our office today at 214-546-5769 or send a message!

“We have had nothing but positive feedback from teachers and students since seeing the program this morning. We appreciated how engaging the program was and what a wonderful job you did at keeping the students attention, all while delivering a very important message. Thank you for visiting our school and we’re already planning a time to have you come back for one of your other programs! “
J. Parker, Austin Elementary [read more reviews]

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