Virtual Library Magic Show

Dear friends,

The summer reading programs are an important service provided to the community. It has been my honor to have performed at so many of your wonderful libraries  over the years.

It has been heart-warming to receive many positive messages letting me know that you are looking for alternative ways to provide programs over the summer. I think this year our children will benefit more than ever from your library summer reading program.

And so James Wand has a brand new show this summer! From Spy Magic HQ, a very special (and very fun) show will be beamed to library Facebook pages all over Texas!

Watch the promo video:

How Does it Work?

It’s easy!

I send you a video link of a specially recorded show which you can post on your library’s Facebook page. You can promote the show in advance (with the above trailer) just as you would any regular program. You can upload and publish the video to Facebook on the scheduled date so everyone can watch the fun. The video will be a full 30-minute show in the style of the trailer above. The children will feel engaged and involved as they enjoy the magic and help James Wand solve clues and secret codes on a top secret mission.

Some of you have inquired about a Zoom-style live show. There are several issues. If you have ever had a Zoom meeting with more than three or four people imagine what it would be like with thirty or even two hundred children! Impossible. Plus, it would require your patrons to download special apps on their devices. With Facebook, they can use any type of device to enjoy the show. And you’ll be using a tool you are already familiar with and already use to interact with your patrons.

Oh and for those of you who have programs for your older kids (10 and up), I can also provide my Absolutely Fabulous Magic Class video!

Please send me an email or call me at 214-546-5769 if you would like to book my virtual show or if you have any questions. The show must go on!

James Munton
(James Wand, the Spy Magician)

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