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for Libraries

“You were fantastic! Everything we look for in a performer.

I joked with my Library director that next summer reading club we’re going to have 6 weeks of James Wand!”

Jenna Yeakley, Longview Public Library


“You were fantastic! Everything we look for in a performer.

I joked with my Library director that next summer reading club we’re going to have 6 weeks of James Wand!”

Jenna Yeakley, Longview Public Library

TWO Virtual Options for your Summer Reading Program

The show must go on!  Library and school programs are an important part of the calendar – the children look forward to them and they are FUN!  And that is something our kids need more than ever.  

During the pandemic, ALL James Wand shows have been available as a virtual option. Over 100,000 children have enjoyed a James Wand virtual school or library show.

Choose from a pre-recorded James Wand show for your library or a live Zoom show. 

Watch the video...

“James did a fantastic job of incorporating “book knowledge” into the show. I heard him ask the kids about fiction and non-fiction books, along with many references to how the librarians can help them find information.”
D. Pierce, Krum Public Library

The James Wand Secret Agent Magic Show is the perfect show for your summer reading program. In addition to performing at hundreds of schools and libraries, James has performed at the International Spy Museum, on Fox News, on National Geographic TV, for Vice President Cheney, and has performed at the White House THREE times!

Show Info

James Wand’s hilarious, magical, exciting 30-minute magic show will be the highlight of your summer! 

Super spy magician James Wand’s magical show includes clues, secret codes and lots of magic as the children help him on a top secret mission.

James Wand shows kids that the most important skills a secret agent needs are reading and writing. Secret codes, invisible writing and a cool spy book will fascinate the children AND motivate them to excel in these essential skills.

James Wand’s easy-to-arrange program is designed for elementary school-aged children. The show is fantastic educational entertainment for grades Pre-K through 6th grade.

Virtual Show Options

Choose from the following:

A. Pre-recorded Show
This is the easiest and most convenient way to do a virtual show. Pick a date and we’ll set-up a custom webpage for your library. The show video will be available for one week from the date of your choosing. Simply share the page link with your patrons from your website or on Facebook or by email. Easy!

B. Live Zoom Show
Pick a date and time and we’ll send you a Zoom link which you can share with your patrons. The disadvantage of the live Zoom show is that all the kids need to be able to join at the scheduled time. 

See what librarians are saying about the show:

“I can’t think of a better indication of your talent as a performer than the fact that almost three weeks after your show our books on magic tricks are still checked out! Your humor, enthusiasm and kindness are much admired by all of us at WPL and, of course, by our young patrons. Thank you for being part of our summer and best wishes for the coming year.”
G. Dowds-Nash, Weatherford Public Library

“The program was wonderful! The kids loved it! It was the perfect length and level of magic/fun for the audience.”
Stacy Wells, Southlake Public Library

“As a new Library Director this was my first time to see James Wand the Magician and I can say it will not be my last. He was a class act. He entertained everyone in the audience from the smallest child to the oldest adult. It was definitely a magical experience for us all that day at our library.”
P. Miller, Burkburnett Library

“What an exciting event! Our students loved the interaction and the way James Wand made it seem as if the show was just for them! It was a great way to Kick-Off our A.R. Reading program! We LOVE Books!” 
M. Shinn, Trautmann Elementary

“James Wand is a fantastic performer.  I appreciate how interactive he is with the children during the show, and gets them involved in the fun. Thank you for a great and hilarious time!”
Laura Collins, The Highland Park Library

$50 Discount Ending Soon!
The fee for the Virtual James Wand show is $400. If you book by the end of this month, receive a $50 discount.

How to Book

Simply use the handy-dandy form below or call us at 214-546-5769.

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