Operation Read More Virtual Assembly Show

Virtual School Assembly Shows

“My students were thrilled with the assembly. It is often difficult to entertain fifth graders in the same environment as the primary students. Your presentation was a great success for all grades. You had my students laughing and enjoying learning! It was a real treat!”
J. Luerssen, Bren Mar Park Elementary

A report by the NEA revealed that almost half of all Americans fail to read a single book each year. This shocking statistic underscores the importance of encouraging our children to read.

Operation Read More is an amazing Virtual School Assembly Show. It is a fantastic way to motivate your students to WANT to read more.

By incorporating books and reading into an exciting story of secret agents and international adventure, James Wand gets kids excited to read more books.

The show must go on! Educational school assembly programs are an important part of the school calendar – the children look forward to them and they are FUN!  And that is something our students will need more than ever this year.

“Our students really enjoyed the magic tricks and were engaged during the entire show. They shared that they learned that the more you read = the more you learn. The program was very educational for students.”
L. Hernandez, Grand Terrace Elementary

Easy for the School

Schools are operating various forms of hybrid attendance  with some students on campus and some learning remotely from home. In order to be inclusive to all students, the pre-recorded virtual show is the easiest way to ensure everyone enjoys the fun!

“James Wand was fabulous! He is engaging and teaches important information in a magical way. We highly recommend him!”
M. Henss, Dailard Elementary

James Wand has performed for over one million students. He has appeared (and disappeared) at the International Spy Museum, the White House, the Vice-President’s residence and on Fox News. 

Now, you can bring his exciting VIRTUAL magic show to your school! Over ONE MILLION kids have enjoyed his virtual shows.

“What an exciting event! Our students loved the interaction and the way James Wand made it seem as if the show was just for them! It was a great way to Kick-Off our A.R. Reading program! We LOVE Books!” 
M. Shinn, Trautmann Elementary

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